Gold price today to buy and sell in US Dollars

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Prognostico anual
10K $ 21.68 / Gramo    0.04  24.92 / Gramo
14K $ 30.49 / Gramo    0.06  35.05 / Gramo
18K $ 39.09 / Gramo    0.08  44.94 / Gramo
22K $ 47.74 / Gramo    0.09  54.88 / Gramo
24K $ 52.11 / Gramo    0.10  59.92 / Gramo

Gold Gram Price today in United States

Gold Ounce price in USA Dollars
Gold Kilogram price in USA Dollars

Historical Gold Price in US Dollars

Gold Price in the United States today

The graphs above show the spot price of the gram of gold, ounce of gold and kilo of gold today in US dollars. The graphics with the historical price of gold, are a useful tool and a very important help to know how to choose, the right time to buy or sell gold in US dollars. The historical fluctuations of gold and the factors that influence the current value of gold can give us a good idea of ​​whether the price of gold will rise or fall in the future.

The best price of gold in dollars?

How to get the best price of gold in dollars? Before buying or selling gold, it is very important that you know what is the best price of gold buying sale in US dollars. To know what is the best price of gold in US dollars, it is partly about knowing how to choose the right time, so it is very important to closely monitor the price of gold. The price of gold goes up and down constantly, so paying attention to the latest movements and fluctuations in the price of gold in dollars will help you choose the right time to buy gold at the best price. In this market of seemingly constant increases in the price of gold, it is not uncommon for the price of gold to fall by 2-4% in a single morning. This might represent an ideal time to start for the first time as a new investor in physical gold, or simply to sell your jewelry, bullion or gold coins at the best possible price.

Why do gold prices rise and fall? 

Gold prices vary so much, because they fluctuate throughout the day due to a number of causes, including current events, market speculation and the strength of the dollar, to name a few. It is important to keep in mind that the current price of gold will change frequently, even if only a few cents at a time. You can see the historical prices of gold in the table above to get an idea of ​​how it has evolved over time.

What is the spot price of gold? 

The spot price of gold (spot price) is the most common standard used to calculate the current price of a troy ounce of gold. The spot price of gold is used as the basis for most gold bullion distributors to determine the exact price to be charged for a specific coin or bullion. These prices are calculated in troy ounces. Most gold traded worldwide will use the spot price of gold. Gold is traded in US dollars (USD). In areas outside the United States, the spot price of gold is taken in US dollars and simply converted to the local currency.

What is a troy ounce? 

The troy ounce is the unit of mass used to weigh precious metals: gold, platinum and silver. One troy ounce equals 31.1034768 grams.

How much does a troy ounce weigh? 

How many grams a troy ounce prey? The troy ounce weighs 31,1035 grams, approximately 10% more than the American common ounce, which weighs 28.3495 grams.

What is a carat? 

What is a carat of gold? Carat or carat in English, is the term used to measure the purity content of gold. The purity of gold is measured in carats, the more carats the gold possesses, the purer it will be, and therefore its price will be much higher.

Types of gold according to its purity and carats:
24k Gold: 99.9% Purity
22k Gold: 92.5% Purity
18k Gold: 75% Purity
14k Gold: 58.5% Purity
10k Gold: 41% Purity

Fineness is another way to express the purity and quality of gold, the most common types of fineness of gold are: .999 (24k) .917 (22K) .750 (18k) .583 (14k) .417 (10k) and represents purity in parts per thousand.

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